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The ultimate EMS workout Ibiza

We offer you the absolute revolution for your ultimate "high-performance workout" in an exclusive VIP lounge. Thanks to the latest EMS Technology you can the effect of 4-5 hours intensive classical training in just 20 minutes.

No time for the Gym ? No fun with hours of weight training and martial equipment?
No friend of big dancing groups or to share the showers?

You are looking for something exclusive and really effective without spending a lot of time?
Feelness will be your personal solution..

Lightning fast results. Be taut, lean, strong, healthy and full of new energy with a personal coach and just a few sessions of 20 minutes by using our brandnew VisionBody.

Powerlounge Facts


Electro-myo-stimulation with the VisionBody is the perfect combination of high-tech, high- performance and maximum energy for every fiber of your body. Developed by sports science and medicine for competitive sports and rehab, EMS allows up to 200% result in just a few minutes per session . You can reach easily the maximum achievable load your muscle groups without additional stress on the joints, tendons and spinal discs. Significantly higher than would be possible with weights because our impulses also can use "panic" reserves.


In your EMS Power Lounge you are a realVIP. Always supported by your "high-performance coach". There will never be more than 3 people at a time. You will use the brandnew VisionBody, which huddles like a second skin. A training session lasts 20 minutes and is sufficient with just one application a week to keep you toned and fit. Already 2 applications per week allow visible, measurable and noticeable changes in your muscles, your attitude and your energy reserves quickly.


Thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, we can transfer the wireless pulses into the suit. So you're completely free in your movements and almost all kind of training variations starting at "relaxed passive" over "cardio variants" up to the maximum power boxing are free to choose. Our mobile "Touchscreen Control Center" always give you absolute control over your session and your performance level. With the support of our "virtual coaches" you can choose between more than 30 training programs. Fully adjusted to your mood, yourgoals and form on the day.